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Ajánlatkérés fordításra és tolmácsolásra

 A Telecom-Ford ISO 9001-es minősítéssel rendelkezik
A fordítás minőségét TRADOS használatával is emeljük




The translation manager reviews the documents submitted for translation, if necessary consults the project manager and then appoints the translator/translators, the person responsible for revision (translator) and the native speaker or industry reviser.
If necessary (in case of large documents and short deadlines) the translation manager distributes the document to be translated among several translators, coordinates the use of terminology, consults the customer, collects terms and prepares vocabulary for the translation. When the translation is ready, the translation manager controls it for completeness and consistence.

CAT - Computer-aided translation

Our translators use for our English, German and French language translations TRADOS translation support software in compliance with the requirements of the European Union. The project managers regularly update the central translation memory.


Our permanent terminology manager maintains our databases, collects new terminology and keeps our database updated. We use TRADOS MULTITERM for terminology database management. The translators, interpreters and the language revisers discuss the terminology questions and problems at regular terminology meetings.


The office manager coordinates the interpretation orders, acquires the necessary background materials and interface with the customer.

Quality management system

Telecom-Ford Kft. executes its translation and interpretation jobs in compliance with the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 standard requirements. Our quality management system has been qualified by Certop Termék és Rendszertanúsító Ház.

Customer satisfaction

We receive feedback on the quality of our work from our annual customer satisfaction surveys. We treat any problems with the utmost flexibility, in compliance with the provisions of our General Terms of Contract.


We attach special importance to compliance with the requirements of confidentiality. We treat all documents submitted to us in our security system which comprises both the electronic and the physical protection of the materials. Our translators and interpreters are bound by their confidentiality statement.

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